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DXY is an enterprise which provides the high technology RF solutions to “Internet of things”. Core value for customer is IDH (Independent Design House) and distributor. We
offer the best various services of turn-key solutions from semi-conductor chips, software, reference designs and product designs. Our services network covers the whole
Asia Pacific regions. DXY is currently supporting thousands of customers in the region for different market segments: Wireless Communication, Internet Of Things,
Security Surveillance, Electric Metering, Automotive Electronics, Renewable/Green Energy, etc. DXY has 8 offices in China for customer technical and sales services.
Headquarters is located in Shenzhen, other sales offices including Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, Wuhan, and Nanjing. DXY revenue
keeps high increase in the past years, and reached to 370 millions in 2013 year. DXY provide the design chain, supply chain, and the total solution for customer;
will be the focus on the turnkey service for customer. DXY attends many shows and seminars in China for solution, roadmap and brand promotion.

BU Induction:
Semi-conductor BU of DXY has developed the close partnership with world leading IC manufacturers, include NXP, Hisilicon (Huawei), Panasonic, MuRata, Yantel, Scintera,
ZTEMT, Quectel, Mikpower, MXIC, JMicron, WPM, Liteon, Renergy, Impower, AMP’ed RF, Eaton, Quintic, Hi-Flying etc. Our joint developed IC chips which have been widely
used by our customers in different applications. Consequently, we received a lot of recognitions and awards from our partners and customers.

Research and development BU of DXY owns wide powerful technology. In 2012, DXY was recognized as China National High Technology Company, especially for dual
Hardware & Software. We have applied for numbers of patents and software copyright based on “Internet of things” and Microwave RF technologies. We are also proud
that we have released technology papers in world leading magazines. Our Microwave RF laboratory has been assigned by NXP and Tsinghua University for their on-site
experiments. We also established a TVS test laboratory with market leading manufacturer, WPM.

Manufacturing BU of DXY possesses the leading manufacturing equipments, testing and quality control process in the industry. We are installed with best Spectrum
analyzer, network analyzer, and different kinds of testing equipments. We provide the best OEM/ODM services to customers.
Look forward to see you, have cooperation and win together in Chinese marketing.

Look forward to see you, have cooperation and win together in Chinese marketing.